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CfP: Drehbuch und Publikum

Jahrestagung des Netzwerks Drehbuchforschung 2023, in Kooperation mit der AG Medienindustrien der Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft

Drehbuch und Publikum

Universität Siegen, 17.–18. November 2023

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Let’s Talk Screenwriting! @Utrecht University

First session of 2023 on Screenwriting for Children and Teenagers on March 27th

Let’s Talk Screenwriting! continues:

The MI3: Media Industries, Infrastructures and Institutions research collective at Utrecht University, in cooperation with guest researcher Florian Krauß, organizes a third edition of the Let’s Talk Screenwriting! round table discussions. 

In three online events, media scholars, screenwriters, and other practitioners will discuss questions regarding screenwriting for (and with) children and teenagers, changes and continuities in screenwriting education and training, and the importance of ‘greener’ or more sustainable screenwriting.

All students from BA- and (R)MA-programmes, scholars in media, communication, and arts, screenwriters and other media professionals are cordially invited to all sessions.

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